Changes are coming to Bellevue Medical Partners PLLC


In October 2002, we started Bellevue Medical Partners PLLC (BMP), which was one of the first Direct-Care (concierge) Internal Medical Practices on the Eastside. We have also continued to work in partnership with Overlake Hospital to run the Senior Health Center. Due to Medicare restrictions, patients have been forced to transfer care to the Senior Health Center when they obtain Medicare benefits. Many have commented that they would like to continue with BMP.

As we approach our 10th year in practice, we have decided to go in a different direction. On September 1, 2012, we will no longer be seeing patients at the Overlake Senior Health Center. Instead, we will both be devoting our full attention to Bellevue Medical Partners PLLC. We expect that this will result in even better service to our existing patients. Since we will be in the clinic all day, access for patients will be better and phone messages can be returned more promptly. Most importantly, since we will no longer be subject to the practice restrictions of Medicare, patients can continue to be part of the clinic past age 65 regardless of their Medicare status.

We anticipate that several of our senior patients will join Bellevue Medical Partners PLLC (BMP) to continue their medical care. Thanks to the kind comments and referrals of our existing patients, many of our seniors are envious of the environment of healing that we have tried to maintain and are eager to be part of our clinic family. We are very conscious of our commitments and have capped the size of our practice at 550 to ensure that our patients continue to receive excellent medical care and proper service.

While we have enjoyed our clinic at Hidden Valley, our expanded hours in the clinic require an increased amount of space. Concurrent with our change in practice, we will be changing locations. More information will be coming as the details are clarified but we will be very close to the hospital and have improved access to radiology, physical therapy, and other services.

There is a lot of change occurring very rapidly but we are excited that these are positive changes that will facilitate even better medical care and improved service for our patients. Over the past 9 1/2 years, we have grown in large part due to the word-of-mouth referrals by our existing patients. Our goal is to provide a quality of medical care and an environment of healing that merits your trust and continued partnership.

We welcome your comments as we go through this transition.


Wishing you continued good health,

Richard A. Kaner, MD                Henry J. Williams, MD